Byron has endorsement deals with the following manufacturers because he loves their products.
Thus does he sing their praise:


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I’m very pleased to announce my endorsement of

Paul Reid Smith Guitars AND AMPS!

PRS has always really impressed me with bold new design concepts and GREAT workmanship, so I’m honored and pleased to be a part of bringing these great designs into the world. 
I just got a PRS Classic that plays itself…every note explodes out of it, whether picked, pulled off, hammered or tapped.  It’s sure to be heavily featured on my next album!
The new line of PRS Amps are amazing as welL  My
ARCHON 100W HEAD is the SINGLE GREATEST-SOUNDING AMP I’ve ever played through!!


DR logo

There was a time when electric guitar strings were just strings, and what I ran on my guitars was a matter of price.  Then one day in the 90s, I ran a set of DR Tite Fits on my Strat and got my mind blown.  They were much more responsive, felt ‘springier’, had fantastic tone and kept that ‘fresh string’ feeling and sound for longer than the strings I had been using.  I’ve been running DRs exclusively on my axes ever since.  If you haven’t tried a set of DRs yet, you owe it to yourself to do it…you’re missing out!



I’ve always had a difficult time finding gear that’s as versatile as I need it to be.  Bruce Eganter’s brilliant designs are built with versatility in mind, especially the Renegade amp.  To hear just how versatile this remarkable beast is, take a few minutes and check this out:



Kopo’s designs are truly innovative and amazing.  Radically unlike the status quo, these guitars are built extremely well and play like a dream.  My carbon fiber-topped Kopo Malaga Electrified Classical is my go-to for nylon string tracks; it’s the one I used for all of the classical tracks on expLOsiVE and Combustible, as well as many other albums and projects.  This wonderful axe can be seen and heard starting at 3:04 on this great video produced by Mark Varney…check it out!


LEVY'S logo

This wonderful line of full-grain leather products is hand-built in Canada by the sweetest people on the planet.  My Levy’s gig bags and straps are very well designed and constructed, stout enough to satisfy a player’s real-world needs and have kept my axes comfy and safe while in, going to and coming from dozens of countries.  They’re still going strong and will last for at least the rest of my life!



Washburn has been around awhile.  I have a 1906 Washburn that I use on a lot of recordings…it has a very distinctive tone, being over a century old.  Yet Washburn, for being as old and venerated as they are, haven’t rested on their laurels or failed to innovate and grow with the technology.  Their electric axes are great!



I love the single-coil “Elegant Surfer-Spy” sound I get with my Danelectro Baritone.  Whenever you hear a low, baritone single-coil guitar on Combustible or expLOsiVE, this is the axe I’m using!



Lush Guitars is run by Erik Goersch, who has done great work for me over the years.  His designs are imaginative and different.  Check ’em out!


MOSES logo

Carbon fiber necks, very consistent, very stable and also very playable…check ’em out!



Great audio gear!

This is how we make music happen…