Photo by Joel Saint Marie

   Having ‘dabbled’ on piano from babyhood, Byron officially commenced his musical escapades on ukulele at three, guitar at five and began formal education on piano at nine with acclaimed Bay Area concert pianist Gloria Dolan; his first steady live ensemble on guitar was at ten.

   He grew up in a very musical family, benefiting from exposure to everything from Mussorgsky to Miles and Stravinsky to Shankar, as well as going to see Ozawa conduct the SF Symphony often.  His teen years were an exploration of odd-time-signature writing and playing with like-minded musicians in ensembles around the East Bay Area.

   Fast-forward to twenty-one and Dick Grove’s Composing / Arranging program in Studio City—now lauded as having been an educational high-water mark—where he was very fortunate to have instructors Sammy Nestico (orchestration), Dick Grove (Composing / Arranging) Diz Mullins (copying), as well as guest instructors Lalo Schifrin (thematic development), Henry Mancini (music business), Tom Scott, Tommy Tedesco, etc.  He also studied improv with Russell Tuttle, staff guitarist with Columbia.  The intervening years have been spent amassing experience and credit in the LA music industry.

   As a Composer / Arranger / Producer, he has scored dozens of hours of footage for Film and TV; written, arranged and produced every style for live shows and records; been musical director of a musical’s 3-month run; written his first symphony and conducted its premier; spearheaded the writing of a major-label rock opera by an international team with multiple platinum records and number one hits under its belt; written two string quartets and two pieces on commission for an award-winning 26-piece band.

   His first Guitar-Centric Rock/Fusion album  “Combustible” stayed at the top of the fusion charts at for five solid years upon its release in ’08, getting over 2.1 million plays so far.  The new album, ‘Explosive‘, is doing even better, getting rave reviews and winning critical acclaim from industry dignitaries in the genre.

   As a Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Producer, he is extremely versatile and adept at all styles from Jazz to Jazz/Fusion to Classical, Big Band to Funk / R&B, the myriad of Rock styles, Blues to Latin to Country, Slide and Acoustic Finger-Styles.

   As an educator / clinician, he’s been a Contract Artist for the State of California, has been on faculty at the academically elite Deep Springs College, is on faculty at California College of Music in Pasadena, gives clinics, workshops and master classes at colleges, music schools, high schools and Guitar Centers, and teaches privately online.

This is how we make music happen…