As an educator / clinician, Byron has been a Contract Artist for the State of California, has been on faculty at the academically elite Deep Springs College, is on faculty at California College of Music in Pasadena, gives clinics, workshops and master classes at schools, colleges and Guitar Centers; he also teaches privately online.
Photos by Lara Levy


“Byron Fry’s presentation to my students was engaging, wide ranging, and thought provoking.  His talent and experience make for a compelling talk, and the students discussed his insights and suggestions for weeks after. ”

-Lanier Sammons
Lecturer, Music and Performing Arts
California State University Monterey Bay
Still shot from Guitar Center Clinic video


“Byron Fry is an incredible and highly versatile musician, and a huge asset to our jazz program at Long Beach Poly. Whether it be for an ensemble clinic, individual private lesson, or producing brilliant original commissioned work, Byron is a top professional and the exact type of “real world” example I want to provide for my students. I could not recommend him more highly!”
-Chris Stevens, Long Beach Poly Tech High School Music Program Director




More testimonials, from private students:

   “Byron has provided me amazing tools for improvisation and techniques on the fretboard (both chordal and lead) that have enabled me to experience a freedom not sensed since my early days some 35 years ago. My understanding of music has increased exponentially and I have broken out of 25 years of worn out licks and bad technique. Most importantly, the ability to express myself through the unique and fulfilling art of music and the personal fulfillment that brings has given me a true appreciation of Byron and his ability to teach!”
-Jim M.

“I had been playing guitar for almost 20 years before meeting Byron.  I can remember the first time hearing him, and seeing him play live in Mammoth thinking to myself “Wow, if only.”
To have him become a friend and mentor has changed the way I listen to music and given me hope that I could start to understand.   Not only unlocking the mystery of music, he swung the door open wide and pushed me through.  His endless patience and motivation over the past five years catapulted me towards my goals;  I now cannot find enough time in the day to pick up my guitar and play.”
-Tom P.

   “I have been taking guitar lessons from Bryon Fry for just over two years.  Before that I had very little experience with any musical instrument.  Byron’s instruction has allowed me to vastly improve my guitar playing and my knowledge of music theory.  I recently met with one of my long time friends that plays guitar in a band.  He was amazed at how much music theory I knew after only two years of instruction.  He felt that I had made as much progress in two years as he had in six years.  I still have much to learn but I know that I am in the best possible situation because I am a student of Byron Fry.”
-Bob B.

“If you want to learn how to play the guitar through understanding and music literacy, there could possibly be no better teacher. I was trained classically, but found myself yearning for a more sophisticated and outgoing expression, and I am learning it from Byron. He has opened up my head and soul, and is growing me to be unafraid of reaching and finding the musical best in me through the guitar and his teaching.”
-Jo K.

“Byron made me feel like I could actually be the next Stevie Ray Vaughn if I was willing to put in the effort and had my fingers doing the guitar version of P90X.”
-Kris H.

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